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What is myvox?

myvox is an AI vocal and music distribution platform that allows users to transform their vocals into the vocals of their favourite artists using licensed AI voice models. Users can create original songs with these AI-cloned vocals, distribute directly to all streaming platforms, collect royalties and share in the revenue with the artist.

How do I convert my vocal to an AI vocal?

Choose an AI voice model that you like and you will be brought to the conversion page. Here you can upload an acapella vocal or record a vocal directly on our platform. Watch our video guide here.

How do I distribute my song containing a licensed AI vocal?

To distribute a song click “release music”. If you’ve used an artist voice,choose the artist who’s AI vocal you have used, accept their terms of use and upload your track, artwork, and all other info then submit the song. Please note some artists require approval which means they will have to approve your song before it is released. If you have used a royalty free voice you can release as you want.

How do I create my own AI voice model?

Head to “create a voice” to upload your dataset, which needs to contain at least 10 minutes worth of dry acapella vocals. Watch our video guide here.

I am an artist, can I become a verified voice?

Yes, if you are an artist and you want to license your own AI voice models for others to use and release with please get in touch with us at info@myvox.ai

Are there any limitations?

Users can only distribute their music when subscribed to the artist plan. Non-commercial use of voice cloning technology is available on the basic subscription. At myvox it is our priority to ensure that our artists are protected, therefore all distributed music must comply with the artist’s and myvox terms of service. It's important to comply with copyright laws and distribute the music via myvox to ensure legal compliance.

Is myvox free?

We offer a free version of our platform that allows users to make two artist voice conversions per month for non-commercial use, create one AI voice model and unlimited royalty free conversions.

What level of technical expertise is required?

Our platform is designed for beginner music creators to professional musicians. We believe that music creation should be accessible and we are constantly evolving to improve this.
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