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How to:

clone your voice

1. what you need

10 minutes of vocals


  • acapella
  • single tracked i.e. no backing vocals, layering, harmonies, double tracking or stereo effects
  • dry vocal i.e. no reverb, delay, chorus, or instrumentals
  • mono
pro tip

have different models for different vocal styles i.e. have separate models for singing, rapping, or speaking

pro tip

it's best to get a mixture of your different styles: chest voice, falsetto, long and short notes, grit and clean

2. prepare your files

File type:

  • .wav
  • 16-bit/44.1kH

Exporting requirements:

  • No silence
  • Consistent volume
  • Mono

logic pro x

3. using myvox.ai

Last updated: 6 months ago
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